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Using streaming ingestion with Amazon SageMaker Feature Store to make ML-backed decisions in near-real time

 Using streaming ingestion with Amazon SageMaker Feature Store to make ML-backed decisions in near-real time

Businesses are increasingly using machine learning (ML) to make near-real time decisions, such as placing an ad, assigning a driver, recommending a product, or even dynamically pricing products and services. ML models make predictions given a set of input data known as features, and data scientists easily spend more than 60% of their time designing and building these features. Furthermore, highly accurate predictions depend on timely access to feature values that change quickly over time, adding even more complexity to the job of building a highly available and accurate solution. For example, a model for a ride sharing app can choose the best price for a ri­de from the airport, but only if it knows the number of ride requests received in the past 10 minutes and the number of passengers projected to land in the next 10 minutes. A routing model in a call center app can pick the best available agent for an incoming call, but it is only effective if it knows the customer’s latest web session clicks.

Although the business value of near real time ML predictions is enormous, the architecture required to deliver them reliably, securely, and with good performance is complicated. Solutions need high-throughput updates and low latency retrieval of the most recent feature values in milliseconds, something most data scientists are not prepared to deliver. As a result, some enterprises have spent millions of dollars inventing their own proprietary infrastructure for feature management. Other firms have limited their ML applications to simpler patterns like batch scoring until ML vendors provide more comprehensive off-the-shelf solutions for online feature stores.

To address these challenges, Amazon SageMaker Feature Store provides a fully managed central repository for ML features, making it easy to securely store and retrieve features, without having to build and maintain your own infrastructure. Amazon SageMaker Feature Store lets you define groups of features, use batch ingestion and streaming ingestion, retrieve the latest feature values with single-digit millisecond latency for highly accurate online predictions, and extract point-in-time correct datasets for training. Instead of building and maintaining these infrastructure capabilities, you get a fully managed service that scales as your data grows, enables sharing features across teams, and lets your data scientists focus on building great ML models aimed at game-changing business use cases. Teams can now deliver robust features once, and reuse them many times in a variety of models that may be built by different teams.

This post walks through a complete example of how you can couple streaming feature engineering with Amazon SageMaker Feature Store to make ML-backed decisions in near-real time. We show


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