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Automation in Marketing Through Microsoft Dynamics 365

The world of marketing has been evolving with the speed of light in the past few years. Companies can now experiment and automate various marketing strategies and increase conversions, thanks to modern technology and some specific software.

“One of the leading software in this domain is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, which is redefining how businesses market their products and services globally.” 

In this post, we discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts help companies automate the majority of marketing efforts.

Building the Perfect Automated Funnel

Marketing funnels are the preferred marketing and sales channels for most of the companies in various niches. With Dynamics 354 marketing, there is no limit to personalized automation in which you can define the messages and content being delivered to a customer or prospect.

Leading companies in Dynamics consulting help businesses automate this funnel from the very beginning of lead generation and the message which is fed at the particular instance. You can then define the email, messages, and other types of engagement according to hundreds of factors like – 

  • The type of product/service
  • The demographics of the prospect
  • The engagement level of the prospect
  • Time
  • Level of the buyer funnel
  • And many others

The software can easily be linked to Microsoft teams to automate webinars and meetings with prospects. All the steps in a webinar and a meeting for every new lead will be automated with messages sent at specific times along with follow-up messages.

Diversity is the key in modern marketing, and with Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can run, manage and automate all of your marketing campaigns from one platform, including – 

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Web
  • Telemarketing
  • LinkedIn
  • And many others

It also has an inbuilt content library consisting of easy to customize content that businesses require while marketing. Getting the assets made and approved can also be automated by designated the responsible people and automating the follow-ups.

Unifying Lead Management and the Complete Sales Process

The lead management section of the software gives users one platform to manage and nurture all leads in one place. You can customize it to your needs to show data like sources, levels, and others in one place so you can manage it easily.

The inbuilt AI Automation helps you to create sections among the leads of the top accounts, which are most likely to convert. You can segregate them based on various factors according to your sales process.

You must create specific content based on the segregation of accounts, and this can be pursued automatically whenever a new lead enters the funnel. The content that is marketed to leads who are almost ready to purchase and the ones who are sceptical of the product/service should be completely differ


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