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2021 Predictions: Rise of ‘Glocalization,’ Model Monitoring, Focus on Supply Chain 

 2021 Predictions: Rise of ‘Glocalization,’ Model Monitoring, Focus on Supply Chain 

By AI Trends Staff 

[Ed. Note: We have heard from a range of AI practitioners for their predictions on AI Trends in 2021. Here are predictions from a selection of those writing.]   

Lance Eliot, author, podcaster, CEO of Techbrium

From Dr. Lance Eliot, author of AI Trends Insider on Autonomy column in AI Trends, and global expert on AI:    

The Machine Learning (ML) juggernaut continues to grow. In 2021, interest in all things entailing ML will get even hotter, which is hard to imagine since this area of AI is already red hot. Turns out that the pandemic of 2020 actually dampened many Machine Learning projects that had not yet gotten off-the-ground. Once the post-pandemic era of 2021 takes hold, expect all-hands-on-deck gangbusters for ML and Deep Learning efforts. This includes endeavors that had gone into sleep mode for 2020 and also will encompass enthralling new projects that leap into the AI unstoppable stream. 

AI Ethics begins to make its mark on the AI sphere. There has been a lot of talk about AI Ethics and the importance of ensuring that AI systems are unbiased, transparent, explainable, and so on. Sadly, it is mostly up until now just talk. There are enough AI Ethics sets of principles that you can wallpaper your house with them, but very few of those vital guidelines seem to have received genuine traction. In 2021, there will be an increasing hue and cry about the continued unearthing of AI For Bad, and a realization that the only path to AI For Good involves turning the “talk” about AI Ethics into the “walk” for AI Ethics (actual implementation and adherence).   

AI-based autonomous cars emerge onto public roadways, cautiously and without their babysitter. Yes, 2021 will witness AI-based autonomous cars on our roadways, which you might at first exhort that they have been there for the last several years, but it has ostensibly been with a human handler or so-called safety driver sitting at the ready to take over the vehicle. Do not conflate this toe-in-the-water with any overnight tsunami of self-driving cars on all highways and byways. You can bet your bottom dollar that these experiments, which is what they are rightfully called, will hit some bad patches and get themselves into trouble. If handled well, things will continue. If poorly dealt with, expect a cold freeze to descend upon those driverless car dreams. 


Guy Kirkwood, the Chief Evangelist at UiPath

From Guy Kirkwood, the Chief Evangelist at UiPath: 

Digital transformation willat laststart to become transformational. At this point, “digital transformation” has become a buzzword that all enterprises have learned to recognize, yet the vast majority (80% according to IDC) of these efforts are still too tactical in nature. Robotic process automation (RPA), for example, may be con


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